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Well the Covidi19 is still going around like crazy, and has really prevented hardly any live shows. I know we are all looking forward to 2021, but please don't let this year slip away. We still have holidays ahead, and you just never know when it might be the last time you see someone. I am ready for 2021 myself, but I still think there is alot good in 2020. We slipped over to Columbus, NC to do a couple of videos for the new CD. We did videos on "One Way Rider" and also "Avery Stokes". We have a really nice tribute to our buddy Steve Gulley that we lost a few months back. We are searching for a new member. It won't be easy....Steve left huge shoes to fill. Hopefully we will have that member soon, and will report it here when we do. 

Steve Gulley Passes 

I am so sorry to be so late posting this. My best friend of 45 years, Steve Gulley passed away on August 18, 2020 at 9:08 PM here in Knoxville at The University Of Tennessee due to Pancreatic Cancer.. He was my best friend. I first met Steve in 1974 at a concert in Maryville, TN. He was in a group backing up legendary Dobro Player Josh Graves. Josh had invited me up on stage to pick a song. That was when I first met Steve. We had been friends, and best friends for 45 years. Later in life, he and I..along with mandolin master Alan Bibey formed the group Grasstowne. After 2 albums there, I departed to join The Whites. Steve left after 3 albums to join The Dale Ann Bradley Band. I joined The Dale Ann Bradley Band a couple years later. We both spent a couple of years there, until he departed to form his own band, Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle. I departed about a year later, and left to for my own band called Phil Leadbetter And The All-Stars Of Bluegrass. Steve also became a member of that group as a "side gig" along with Alan Bibey, Jason Burleson and Claire Lynch. After Claire's departure as she relocated to canada, we hired in Robert Hale (who had been a founding member along with me of the group Wildfire) came in to play. These were all side-jobs by all these guys in addition to their bands (Alan Bibey And Grasstowne, Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle, Robert Hale Abd Wildfire, and Jason Burleson with Blue Highway). Steve's passing has been a huge shock to all of us, and we are still searching for words to say. Please keep The Gulley Family in your prayers.  

My Old Guitar Finally Made It Home 

I bought an RQ Jones from Jerry Douglas back in 1982. I just got it back 38 years later. I sold it to a guy in 1986, and then that guy sold it to Jerry Douglas a few years later. That guitar has been to some cool places. It was the "imposter" for Jerry's guitar at The Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, TN when Jerry decided he wanted to take him out of the HOF and play it, and he would replace it with my guitar. They were almost exact except mine had a bound fingerboard. No one ever seemed to catch it! So glad to finally get it back and bring it home

New CD is almost finished ! 

Phil Leadbetter And The All-Stars Of Bluegrass "Swing For The fences" CD is almost done. Mixing and mastering is done, and waiting for a release date. I will let you know that date soon.

Working On New Allstars Of Bluegrass CD ! 

We have been working this past week on the new Allstars Of Bluegrass CD at Eastwood Studios in Galax, VA. Very proud of the songs we have laid down this week. We also did out CD and promo photo shoot. Will share some of these photos with you as soon as they are released. Lot's more to come!

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