What's Going On

Well, got a lot of things going on to update you on. First off, I finally got my hip replacement on March 6th 2018. I am already doing better, and having less pain. I am working to get everything together to start on the first "All-Stars Of Bluegrass" CD which should debut a couple of cuts this Summer on the Pinecastle label. I was able to locate and purchase my original Wolfe #17 Resontaor guitar. I sold this guitar around 1994 when I got my deal with Rich & Tayloy. This guitar had been gone nearly 25 years. The last time I saw it was in Seattle, WA several years back. I recently found it on Ebay, and now in California. I was able to purchase it, and now it is back home !! We are getting alot closer on The Recording King Resonator Guitar. Hopefully, it will be out by the Summer NAMM show this year in Nashville.  And the last really great thing.....as of the last part of February, my cancer us still in remission !! Praise the Lord !!